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Do I need hiking or overnight camping experience to participate?
No, you do not have to have any knowledge about the outdoors to participate in P-SOOP.  All of the trip leaders are trained in wilderness first-aid and outdoor skills.

What equipment should I bring?
Read through the P-SOOP Personal Equipment List under “Forms and Documents.” This is your master checklist for what you will need to bring, so read it closely. As a wise man once said, do not overpack, but do not under pack.  Reach out to with any questions.

Where can I buy outdoor equipment?
There are lots of places to buy good outdoor camping equipment. A few stores include REI, EMS, and Paragon Sports. You can also shop online for gear on,, and

How do I rent equipment and when do I get it?
You can sign up for equipment through the registration form. Rented equipment will be distributed the night before the trip begins at the group dinner.

Does the menu accommodate people with special dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal)?
Please indicate any specific dietary needs on the registration form.  In general, our menu is vegetarian/vegan friendly.  While most of our food is kosher and halal, we do not keep a kosher kitchen on the trail and have not previously bought halal or kosher certified foods. Please include your dietary practices on your registration form, so we can honor your requests. Email us at with questions.

What kind of food will I eat on the trip?
Staples include dried fruit, nuts, PB&J, apples, s’mores, and anything you can put in a tortilla. Come hungry!

If I wear contact lenses, what should I do?
Most contact lens wearers are fine on a 3 day hike, although some prefer to wear glasses. Whatever you decide, please bring a pair of glasses just in case anything happens to your contact lenses.  It is also a good idea to have extra contact lenses and solution.

What do I do with my stuff during the trip that I don't plan to take with me on P-SOOP?
P-SOOP will have two empty Bard Hall Rooms that participants can use to store their belongings during the trip.  These rooms will be available Tuesday morning and will remain locked for the duration of the trip.

When can I move into my Bard Hall Room?
All participants will have access to their Bard Hall rooms on Friday, August 11, 2017 when you return from the trip.  If you applied to and were approved for early move-in, your room will be available on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. We cannot guarantee the availabilty for early move-in, but will try our best.

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