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In late June, there will be a more comprehensive pre-orientation electronic checklist available through OASIS, which you will be able to access by logging in with your UNI and password. In the meantime, please refer to the tabs on the left hand side of your P&S offer of acceptance letter, which are also listed below for your convenience.


The Office of Student Financial Planning administers financial aid and provides debt management counseling and financial literacy information for the College of Physicians and Surgeons, as well as other programs at CUMC. We serve as a resource and link to your funding sources. It is important to become an "educated consumer" and learn all that you can about the options that are available, given your personal financial situation. We will provide information, but keep in mind, that financial aid is an environment subject to constant change due to new legislation and regulations. Your class will be assigned to a Financial Aid Officer, who will determine "need" and will prepare your financial aid offer. Please visit our website.

Below are documents tailored to your specific program and citizenship status. Please review the documents that pertain to your situation:
Aid type Request Form
Comparing Financial Aid Offers
Financial Aid Welcome Letter for MD
Financial Aid Welcome Letter for International Students
International Students Cosigner Information-MD
International Students Cosigner Information-Bassett
Risq G. Haddad Foundation Scholarship Letter


Over 1300 students, faculty and post docs live in Medical Center accommodations, a practical and cost-effective way to live in Manhattan. Living on campus provides individuals with the opportunity to take advantage of all the resources Columbia University and the City of New York have to offer. All the residential buildings are located at the Center and are within walking distance to academic buildings and labs, the library, the campus athletic center and the city's subway and bus system.

Campus accommodations for students include a wide range of offerings from single dormitory rooms, to 2, 3 and 4 person suites to one bedroom apartments. Housing is available for both singles and couples. Please read all the information in the housing booklet carefully to understand the housing options as well as deadlines for applying for housing. Please note the number and type of student housing units available for rent at any given time varies throughout the year. All Physicians and Surgeon and GSAS applicants are guaranteed a Bard Hall dormitory allocation; however you, the student, can in fact state on your application the desire to live in one of our other buildings (Georgian, Towers, 154 Haven). Please note, we cannot guarantee an accommodation in any of these other buildings, but we will certainly attempt to accommodate the request. Please visit our website for additional information.



All students are required to submit completed pre-registration health forms prior to the deadline date of Thursday, June 29, 2017. Once you have received your Columbia UNI, completed health forms can be uploaded securely to the secure Web Portal

Please download Preregistration forms here: SHS Preregistration Brochure 2017-2018

In order to register for classes, receive financial aid, and enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you will need to provide this important health information to the Student Health Service (SHS) office. 

For more information, please visit our website. SHS is the primary resource for all your health care needs. We provide a full range of primary care medical services, mental health services, and health promotion and wellness services. Our entire staff is both committed to and experienced in student health. We aspire to model the quality of care we hope you will provide in your careers.


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