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P-SOOP Raves & Reviews

What P-SOOP Alum Say: Raves & Reviews

"P-SOOP introduced me to some of my favorite people I've ever met. There's something about backpacking together as you're about to embark upon 4 years of ridonkadonk hard schooling together that bonds you as people. I can't recommend this program enough!!"
- Mikey Montalbano P&S 2018


"P-SOOP was a wonderful way to get to know my classmates before the start of class! It was so great to have a new group of friends and a supportive community going into orientation. I had so much fun on my trip— from telling funny bedtime stories to singing on the trail. I recommend P-SOOP to everyone, even if you don’t have any prior hiking experience!” - Ariel Goldenthal P&S 2018


"PSOOP is a fun opportunity to ease into medical school and gain a great group of friends. Hiking through some great landscapes and late night discussions around a camp fire are few of the many ways the wilderness allows you to forge meaningful experiences with your fellow travelers.”
- Josh Okonkwo P&S 2018



P-SOOP was a great way to begin medical school.  I was welcomed to Columbia through a collaborative, energetic and light-hearted adventure that left me with lasting memories and life-long friends.  Through P-SOOP, I also gained an appreciation for all that New York has to offer when you venture outside Manhattan.
- Brooke Pfister P&S 2018


I had never been hiking before in my life because I didn't think that I was an outdoors person. I decided to sign up because I heard it was a cool experience from the previous class. I definitely had a lot of fun on the trip and the group made me feel comfortable and safe even though I was a beginner. I even signed up for the most advanced course, even though I probably wouldn't recommend others to do the same. It was a great bonding experience and I thought some of the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Definitely would sign up again in a heartbeat - it was one of my first and best experiences at P&S.
-Andrew Sawires P&S 2018


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