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P&S New Student Orientation- Class of 2018


If your families are interested in reading more information about P&S, please direct them to the P&S Medical Education website. This includes information such as medical school curriculum overview, resources & support, public safety, and campus shuttle information, etc. This material elaborates on many of the questions they had during the Family Orientation.



I seem to still have some lost animals in my office…please double check your t-shirt to make sure you have the correct animal. These are the shirts I have in my office: 1 Small Turquoise Dinosaur, 1 Medium Green Dragon, 1 Small and 1 Medium Orange Vipers, 1 Large Purple Direwolf, and a very recently located 1 Small Red Wombat

I also now have the hard copies of the Unofficial Orientation Guide made by the Class of 2017 for your class in my office. Feel free to come pick one up whenever you have a chance this week.




I’ve already met some of you yesterday for P-SOOP check in and I’ll see everyone else on Sunday! A few things have come up, so I wanted to send an update:

1.  Please take a look at the FAQ page, specifically about scrubs under “Academics.” Scrubs can really be purchased from anywhere, but it is recommended that you avoid blue, as that is what the hospital uses. Questions to other things may be answered on that page as well.

2.  If you receive any additional emails from the university regarding HIPAA training, please don’t worry about them. I have confirmed that what we’ve provided via the orientation website is enough.

3.  White Coat Ceremony seating: We are over capacity for Alumni Auditorium, so I can guarantee there will not be enough seats. About 99% of the guest seats are in the balcony of Alumni, to which there is no elevator. There is extremely limited seating on the main level for guests, as it is filled by your class, faculty, and deans. If you have family members that will have difficult climbing stairs and require main level seating, they should make sure to get there early, but shouldn’t expect the entire party to be seated in that area. 

4.  Some of you have expressed concerns about ordering your medical equipment. You DO NOT need to have this ready for Fall 2014 classes, so don’t stress! My advice is wait until you get here, talk to other students, see what is available used, and then decide how you want to order (with AMSA, on your own, etc.) The cost of these items are factored in to your financial aid.

5.  I wanted to remind you guys about our expectations during orientation. I think most of these are fairly logical, but I’ll mention them anyway.

            a.  Being on time- We have many different presenters coming to speak to you all, so please make
            sure to be on time for all sessions.

            b.  Being present- This means paying attention during sessions, not playing on cell phones, etc.
            Every session and activity has been intentionally created to help you along the process of
            acclimating to P&S.

            c.  Appropriate behavior- You are expected to represent yourself appropriately during all university
            events. There will be alcohol served on the boat cruise, but it will not be served at any other
            official events (what is listed on the website is considered official). Again you should never, bring
            your own alcohol to any on or off campus events. Please also be aware that if you arrive to the
            boat cruise already intoxicated, you will not be allowed to board and possibly subject to university
            disciplinary action.

            d.  Ask questions: We want you to be engaged in conversations, so please feel free to ask
            questions if you have them!

I hope you’re ready for a super busy week!



Please visit the P&S Club's FAQ page for answers to many of the questions you have in regards to your arrival to campus. Particularly your questions about scrubs are answered under "Academics."


Welcome to August! You’ll be on campus in about a week (some of you even sooner), so I hope you’re excited!

Please make sure to review the To Do List and make sure you’re not missing anything, especially the items on the Pre-Academic Orientation page.

-If you were unable to register online for orientation, you can do so at check in on Sunday, August 10 between 9:00am-12:00pm. Please bring cash or check (made out to Columbia University) for $85.

-You will receive your CUMC ID Card as well as other orientation information and goodies at Sunday’s check in. If we don’t have an ID ready for you, it means you must turn in a previous Columbia ID to the ID Card Office OR you have not submitted your ID photo and need to visit their office to take a picture.  You can do this anytime you’re free during business hours from Monday-Friday of orientation week (they will not be open on the weekend).

-Please encourage your guests to RSVP for the Family Orientation Session and Tour on Monday, August 11 (prior to the White Coat Ceremony).

Here are the top 10 things to know about orientation:

1.  You can check in for orientation anytime between 9:00am-12:00pm on Sunday, so don't feel obligated to show at 9:00am, but don't wait until 12:00pm either. We’ll be starting the welcome lunch promptly at noon.

2.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the scavenger hunt. You'll have time to change before the Welcome Reception at 6:00pm. If you’re an off campus person, feel free to bring a bag with a change of clothes. You’re welcome to store it in my office.

3.  On Monday, you'll have some time between the White Coat Rehearsal and the Hippocratic Oath Lunch to change, visit an office, etc.

4.  You don't need to wear your anatomy scrubs to the Gross Anatomy Orientation on Tuesday. Just bring them with you, and you'll have the opportunity to change before lab.

5.  Note that when your section isn't in Gross Anatomy Lab, you're free. This is another opportunity to visit offices on campus (you’ll find out if you’re M1 or M2 on Sunday afternoon).

6.  On Wednesday morning, you only need to attend the Financial Aid Presentation if you're receiving aid and only MD/PhDs need to attend their session. If you don't fit into either group, then you're free until your Advisory Dean Lunch at 12:30pm.

7.  Please remember to bring your laptop to the Portfolio Launch Session on Thursday morning.

8.  Please dress comfortably on Thursday for Field Day. Your Orientation Leader will talk to you about wearing any other clothing/accessories, etc. in line with your group’s theme.

9.  Please be prompt for boarding the boat on Thursday. Boarding begins at 6:30pm, so if you're not there by 7:00pm, we will have to leave without you. Also make sure to bring both your CUMC ID and photo ID w/ birthdate.

10.  As we approach your arrival to campus, I want to bring your attention to the P&S Honor Code you’ll be signing during orientation week. The Honor Code doesn’t only apply to what happens inside the classroom and the hospital, but any time you are publically representing the university. This includes all university sponsored events, such as Orientation, P-SOOP, Boat Cruise, and other similar activities. As a member of the Columbia P&S community, you are accountable for your behavior and are expected to behave appropriately. Please note, that the Boat Cruise is the only event during orientation where alcohol will be served. You should never bring your own alcohol to any university sponsored event- on or off campus.

Here is what you need to know for move in (off campus people can ignore this part):

-The Housing Office (located at 50 Haven Ave, Bard Hall Room 109) will be open on Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10 from 9:00am-12:00pm. After those hours, you can check in with the security desk at 60 Haven Avenue and RAs will be available for any additional information. If you move in on Friday, August 8, the office will be open for regular business hours 8:00am-5:00pm.

-Right now the entrance to Bard Hall/50 Haven Avenue is closed, but I have confirmed it will re-open on Friday, August 8. Until that time, you should enter through 60 Haven Ave (which connects to Bard Hall from the inside). For moving purposes, you’ll want to use the 60 Haven Avenue entrance (wider entrance for carts/no steps).

-The street in front of 50 and 60 Haven will be blocked off as much as possible so you can easily stop and unload. As for parking, there is only local street parking available. Your best bet for finding spots is probably up towards the West 170s or down in the West 150s.

-It’s fine for you to check in without your CUMC ID Card. I have reminded the Housing Office that you won’t receive your IDs until Sunday morning at check in. Just let them know you’re an incoming medical student, and you can use other forms of ID to enter the building in the meantime.

I know this was a lot of information, but please just read it over and email me if you have any questions.

Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director of Student Activities and P&S Club


MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

It’s less two weeks until the beginning of Orientation!! I have a few new items as well as some reminders:

1.  The Clerkship Handbook has been posted on the Pre-Academic Orientation website. Please review and complete the link at the end.

2.  Reminder: If you are interested in a Night of Bowling instead of Broadway, please fill out the survey ASAP, as we will be finalizing plans this Wednesday. By submitting the initial survey, it does not bind you to come or commit to buying a drink ticket or partake in dinner if you want to attend.

3.  If your family/guests are interested in attending the Family Orientation Session and Tour on Monday, August 11 (prior to the White Coat Ceremony), I would appreciate if you could fill out (or have them fill out) this form, just so we have a sense of who/how many will be attending the event.

4.  There are still tickets left for Once and Matilda if you’re interested! Whatever we don’t sell, I will probably open up to other P&S students to purchase.

5.  I am anticipating the Exchange accounts should be ready by the end of the week. You will receive instructions via email to your Columbia account.

Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director of Student Activities and P&S Club


TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

Just a reminder about the Daniel Noyes Brown Scholars Program. This joint venture between the Center for Family and Community Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics, offers a structured longitudinal experience at community-based outpatient sites with supervision by the same group of faculty at that practice over four years. You can find more information about the program, as well as the application on their website. Applications are due on Friday, August 15.


MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014

Class of 2018-

Below is a letter from Dr. Jonathan Amiel, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs regarding the equipment you’ll need during medical school:

Dear Students:
As part of your training, you are required to purchase and use a number of medical diagnostic tools. Please see attached for the equipment you will need during your four years at P&S and beyond and some tips from the faculty. We recognize that the equipment is expensive and have included it in the student budget and financial aid calculations.

Your P&S American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter will organize an equipment sale through their preferred vendor Welch Allyn to streamline your equipment purchases and to raise funds for the chapter.

Alternatively, you may purchase the equipment on your own. Students often purchase equipment from graduating seniors or online. If you purchase used equipment, we strongly encourage you to test it before you buy it. The Columbia Medical Bookstore (212-932-2149) also sells some of the smaller items (pen lights, reflex hammers, eye charts, tuning forks).

We very much look forward to welcoming you to P&S in just a few short weeks!

Jonathan Amiel, MD
Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs

The P&S Equipment Guide is listed on the To Do List, as well as a link to the optional AMSA ordering information, which includes a letter from the P&S AMSA Representatives, Welch Allyn Order Form, and Promotional Flyer.

Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director of Student Activities and P&S Club

FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014

We’re down to 22 days to Orientation!! Here’s some new updates, reminders, and details:

1.  There are a limited number of Broadway tickets left. You can use these individual links to purchase tickets as long as you’ve registered for orientation (Wicked is sold out): Matilda (won 4 Tony Awards), A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder (only 1 ticket left), or Once (won 8 Tony Awards).

2.  For those students who are not interested in the Broadway shows, we are trying to put together a bowling night at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square. The cost will be about $25/person, which includes unlimited games for 2 ½ hours and shoe rental. Based on interest, food and drink tickets might be available (at an additional cost). Please complete this link ASAP if you’re interested in this option. Please note, you’re not obligated to go bowling or to Broadway, so if you want a night to yourself that’s ok!!

3.  There are THREE spots still left for P-SOOP. Here’s the individual link to register for P-SOOP and if you’ve already registered, please remember to fill out the forms located on the website.

4.  I’ve now posted the Summer Reading Assignment and Fall 2014 Textbook List on the Pre-Academic Orientation page. I know you’re all excited now! The Clerkship Handbook and Equipment List information will be coming next week.

5.  I’ve received emails from several of you regarding where to send the certificates for HIPAA training. I am waiting to hear back from someone about where to send them, so I’ll get back to you next week.

6.  Please don’t forget to submit your t-shirt size through this link. The t-shirts are going to be awesome (the orientation leaders are super excited)!

7.  If you have any questions regarding on-campus housing, feel free to contact the P&S 2017 Housing Representatives, Adam Butensky and Manish Mehta. They’re happy to help answer your questions and also put you in touch with staff at the Office of Housing Services, if you need extra assistance.

Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director of Student Activities and P&S Club

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