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P&S New Student Orientation- Class of 2019


Thank you for your patience while we fixed the "To Do List" links that weren't working. They should all now be active, but please let me know if you continue to have issues. I have attached them to this email and updated them on the website.

Also I have been told by CUMC IT that Exchange Email Accounts are still being worked on, so in the meantime you don’t have to do anything or request anything (that was already done for you). I will email you when they are ready, so just continue to expect emails at this email address. I know some of you have told me you’ve been able to use them, but as a whole they are not ready. I know there is confusion with Email Account vs. Exchange Account- they are the same thing.

For those of you who emailed me while I was on vacation, I am working through my emails and I promise to get back to all of you. Also I know some Advisory Deans and Orientation Leaders have emailed, but some have not. If by Friday, July 10 you still haven’t heard anything, please let me know.


Rosemarie Scilipoti



Please note the "To Do List" is now posted, in both PDF and excel formats. Copies of these were also sent to you via email. This should help you in preparing everything this summer and hopefully answers any additional questions you have. There will be additional pieces added as updates come in.


FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015

Orientation Registration is now OPEN! This includes P-SOOP, Broadway Ticket purchases, and getting your THREE White Coat Ceremony guest passes.



Hello Class of 2019!

My name is Rosemarie Scilipoti, and I am the Director of Student Activities and P&S Club, as well as New Student Orientation. I’m excited to welcome you to P&S and provide you with information regarding what you need to do this summer before you arrive, as well as when you get here in August. Please read this email in full as it elaborates on the email you should have received from Dean Mellman last week. 

1. Please regularly check the Orientation website: I will send an email along with any new website posts (as well as utilize the Facebook group), so please make sure you are checking that as well. The final schedule is still pending, but will be posted on the website very soon (on the left panel). Friday, August 14 should continue to stay open at this point, so just make sure you are prepared for Orientation from Monday, August 10 – Thursday, August 13. There will be an optional pizza social on the evening of Sunday, August 9, but like I said it is optional and just an opportunity to meet your classmates before orientation begins.

2. Orientation Registration will open tomorrow, Friday, June 12 at 12:00pm. This means you can purchase your general orientation pass, register for your THREE White Coat Ceremony and Reception guest passes, as well pay for optional Broadway tickets and participation in the P&S Outdoor Orientation Program (P-SOOP). You must register by Friday, July 10 for your general pass. As we have increase the White Coat Ticket allocation to 3 passes, there is very limited chance for any waitlisted tickets and we cannot guarantee there will be any additional availability. 

Broadway tickets and P-SOOP are both first come, first served, so I recommend signing up for those soon after your general registration. You’ll find all the links on our registration page: You must first purchase your general orientation pass, otherwise your Broadway, White Coat, and P-SOOP registrations/purchases will be invalid. 

3. Make sure to find and activate your UNI: Your University Exchange Email accounts are not yet ready, so don’t worry about activating that yet. All emails will go to the email address you used in the admissions process until the exchange accounts have been created and you’ve been given a chance to activate them.

4. As your university email address is not active, please use an ACTIVE email address when signing up in the Student Health Services Portal. You can register with your UNI as your username, but must use another email address that is currently active, not your Columbia email.  If you already entered this email address, please contact to reset your access.

5. Your “To Do List” will provide you with a list of items you MUST complete before orientation, as well as some other helpful resources for you to review. I am still in the process of updating this, so please just make sure to complete the items listed on your acceptance letter as well as the email instructions from Dean Mellman. 

6. If you will be living on campus, please make sure that you contact the Office of Housing Services at 212-304-7000 to confirm your move in date. P&S Orientation begins on Monday, August 10, and they are prepared for you to begin moving in no earlier than Friday, August 7.  

7. Submit your ID card photo by the P&S deadline of Friday, July 10: We want to make sure everyone has their ID ready at check in on Monday, August 10, so please help us in managing the process. Unfortunately the system will no longer allow the ID card staff to reset photos for those with previous ones in the system. If you do not want to use that photo, you can visit at any time over the summer and take a new one at their office. If you won’t be back in the area until orientation begins, you can take your new photo at that time. 

8. You have all been assigned an Advisory Dean and an Orientation Leader, so keep an eye out for messages from them in the coming weeks!

I think that should give you plenty for now, so until you hear from me again, remember to keep checking the website and also feel free to join the 2019 Facebook page. Many of your classmates are asking great questions and getting answers from current students. We will take a lot of these and use them on our FAQ page and will send emails to you/post on the main page if they are particularly important. Please email me if you have any questions or are having difficulty finding any information. Your Advisory Dean and Orientation Leader will also be excellent resources for the summer as well! We’re all here to help and make sure you’re ready to join us in the Fall! 

Thank you, 
Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director of Student Activities and P&S Club




Welcome P&S Class of 2019!

Congratulations on your acceptance to the College of Physicians and Surgeons. We are excited to have you join us! 

Attached, please find a welcome letter from Lisa Mellman, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Please read this document carefully, as it includes important details and information on activating your Columbia email, preparing for Orientation, and getting ready for your upcoming transition to P&S.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding these items, and be sure to visit our Orientation website ( regularly for updates, a To-Do list, and other helpful resources.

Congratulations again. We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!


Adetoro Adegbola
Director of Student Services




This year there are two exciting pre-orientation options being offered: Digame Bienvenidos (through IFAP Global Health Program) and P&S Outdoor Orientation Program (through P&S Club). 

Digame will give you a truly unique exposure to the local Washington Heights culture as you explore relevant history and delve into themes of social justice (more info here).  Or, take an adventure with P-SOOP and experience the Catskill mountains, cook your own s’mores over campfire, and swim in fresh mountain water (more info here).  Either program is a wonderful opportunity to meet incoming students, get to know upperclassmen, and learn about P&S.

P-SOOP applications will become available along with general orientation registration. Please visit this link for the Digame application.


FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015

Since there have already been inquiries, here are a few pieces of information:

       1. New Student Orientation will run from Monday, August 10 - Thursday, August 13. Classes begin on
           Monday, August 17.

       2. The official move in for Bard Hall is Sunday, August 9. If you would like to move in earlier, you must
           contact the Office of Housing Services directly to confirm an earlier move in date. If you are
           participating in our pre-orientation program, P-SOOP, you do not need to contact them, as we will
           work with Housing on your behalf. 

       3. There will be an optional social the evening of Sunday, August 9 for those on campus or nearby to
           mix and mingle. Nothing formal will happen until Monday morning.

       4. White Coat Ceremony is on Monday, August 10 at 4:30pm in Alumni Auditorium at the Black Building
           located at 650 West 168th Street. It will be followed by a reception in Bard Hall Ballroom located at
           50 Haven Avenue.




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