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Dr. Jerome P. Webster Plastic Surgery Society

Society Aim
The Jerome P. Webster Plastic Surgery Society aims to provide medical students with the opportunity to learn about plastic and reconstructive surgery from the beginning of medical school.  We host surgical skills workshops and lecture series on topics ranging from pediatric craniofacial surgery to breast reconstruction in an effort to expose medical students to the specialty. For more information and about upcoming events, please contact the student leadership at

History – In Honor of Dr. Jerome P. Webster 
Jerome P. Webster, MD (1888-1974)
Roy C. Foo, MD, Warren D. Widmann, MD, and Mark A. Hardy, MD
Department of Surgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia, New York, New York

CURRENT SURGERY • Volume 63/Number 1 • January/February 2006
“Jerome P. Webster, the founding father of plastic surgery education in the United States, led a life that extended far beyond the discipline that he worked so hard to establish.” –Foo et al.

“Webster’s work at Columbia-Presbyterian also left behind his light for plastic surgeons that followed in his footsteps. He established the first residency in plastic surgery, he demonstrated the relationship between clinical work and research, and he helped found the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Webster paved the way for professional excellence and helped the field of plastic surgery emerge from the destruction of World War I and become one of the crown jewels of modern medicine.” – Foo et al. 

At Columbia University Medical Center, we are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to have access to the Jerome P. Webster Library of Plastic Surgery, which is perhaps the most comprehensive collection on the subject in the world. Comprised of more than 5,000 books, at least 29,000 reprints, and over 100,000 photographs and drawings, it documents the history of plastic and reconstructive surgery from the 15th into the mid-20th century. Among its many treasures are the first printed book on plastic surgery, Gaspare Tagliacozzi’s De Curtorum Chirurgia per Insitionem (1597); the first modern book on plastic surgery, An Account of Two Successful Operations for Restoring a Lost Nose (1816) by J.C. Carpue; one of the first anatomical works published in English (1553); the first work devoted to burns (1607); the first book on skin transplantation (1804); and a wide range of surgical works in English, Latin, French, German and Italian from the 16th into the 20th century.

Faculty Contact for Archives & Special Collections:
Stephen E. Novak
Head, Archives & Special Collections
Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
Columbia University Medical Center

Plastic Surgery Faculty Advisor:
Robert T. Grant, MD, MSc, FACS
Professor of Surgery at CUMC
Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief
Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director


Photo of Dr. Jerome P. Webster courtesy of the Archives & Special Collections, A.C. Long Health Sciences Library

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