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P&S Musicians' Guild

The P&S Musicians’ Guild is the umbrella organization for musical events at the CUMC campus. With over 250 members from various CUMC schools and health care professionals, we have monthly “Musical Mondays” concerts, bi-annual orchestra concerts, and Artreach concerts at local hospitals.  If you have any questions, feel free to email

Musical Monday

Every month, Bard Hall Lounge is rearranged into a cozy musical venue to give members of the CUMC community the opportunity to perform classical music in a relaxed, informal setting. Musical Mondays typically include performances by chamber ensembles, instrumentalists, and vocalists, and the formation of chamber groups are facilitated by our Musicians’ Guild Directory. These concerts are well attended by students, faculty, staff, and deans! All concerts are free to attend, and refreshments are provided.

Click here for more information on the CUMC Symphony Orchestra

Click here for more information on CUMC Choir, Chorda Tympani

Musician's Guild has set up performances at Milstein Hospital for patients at the Rehab Unit! If you love playing an instrument, singing, monologuing, dancing, or telling stories, it's a great opportunity to interact with patients on a different level and give them a nice break from the hospital. These monthly Artreach concerts are 45 minutes and are very low-key, focused on engaging and interacting with the patients. You can introduce yourself and your piece to give an idea of what to listen/watch for, and patients can feel free to ask questions or move to the music in a comfortable setting. You can do whatever you want--classical, jazz, pop, improv, read poetry, and just have fun with all the other performers and patients! 

If you are interested in signing up for Music Practice Room Membership, please visit this link.
Please visit our YouTube Channel for videos from Musical Monday, Symphony Orchestra and more!

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