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Free Weight Club (FWC)



As always, please don’t hesitate to email the FWC Officers ( with any questions or concerns.

Prices for the 2016-2017 academic year are as follows:

Sign up Period (All memberships end at the end of August 2017):                                    
August 2016  — December 31, 2016: Students $100; Staff $180
January 1, 2017 —  May 31, 2017: Students $60; Staff $100
June 1, 2017 — July 2017: Students $40; Staff $80


Payment/Waivers: You can opt to pay online at Eventbrite for new and renewing memberships. Once you have paid, you must still attend a sign up day (see below) to turn in your liability waiver and receive your membership sticker. As in the past, we will be accepting cash or checks (made payable to Columbia University). The latest copy of the waiver can be found here: waiver of liability.

Please complete the waiver (front and back) ahead of time to expedite this process. It can be found here: Waivers can also be submitted via sending a scanned image (not a photo) of a physically signed waiver to “”. 

Stickers: Stickers will be available at the sign up sessions. Renewing members will have until 9/15 to find a time to come in and get a sticker/submit waivers for the 2016-17 year. After that date, you must have a 16-17 sticker to enter the gym. After this date, we will remove all members who have not renewed their memberships (meaning that you cannot work out again until you have renewed after this date.)

Sign up Days: 
Membership signs ups will no longer take place in the P&S Club Office. If you have questions about renewing or signing up, please contact Sign up days for Fall 2017 will be announced in August 2017. 

If you would like to pay online in advance, the link is: We also accept cash or check (make out to “Columbia University”). 

Please email with any questions.



1. You must have Columbia University ID (students, faculty, staff) in order to be a member of the Free Weight Club. Staff members with dual appointment (both Columbia and NYP or NYPI ID) are fine, but only NYP, only NYPI, or general members of the community are ineligible. Just your UNI is not enough to sign up.

2. Please remember that use of the Free Weight Club facility is AT YOUR OWN RISK as stated by the current and future waivers, and non-members and minors are NOT permitted to use the facility under any circumstances. Members found assisting or facilitating non-member access or use of the club will be indefinitely suspended from the club and subject to termination of membership subject to the club officers’ discretion. Please do not bring guests into the space to use the equipment if they are not registered and paid members. 

3. Members are required to post their Columbia University ID in the cardholder upon entering the club. Those without current stickers affixed to their cards will be asked to leave.

4. Please note we only accept cash or check (made out to Columbia University), unless you pay online through our eventbrite link. We pro-rate the fee as we continue through the academic year. All memberships for 2016-2017 will end August 31, 2017, but we give a two week grace period for renewals into mid-September for 2017-2018.

6. For tours of the facility, please contact The P&S Club Office cannot accommodate tours.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a safe Free Weight Club experience.


The Free Weight Club boasts the largest membership of any P&S Club and is conveniently located in Bard Hall adjacent to the ballroom. Following recent total gym renovations, the FWC is filled with fresh weight-training and cardiovascular equipment. It is the ideal place to enhance your physique while blowing off the stress of Anatomy Lab and the wards. Governed by a democratic policy, all members contribute to the evolution of the club. With entertainment systems installed, you can exuberantly train a body that would make Frank Netter proud while taking in the aesthetics of the Hudson River at sunset. With 24-hour access through our password protected system, an evening lift in the foreground of the illuminated George Washington Bridge may be the catalyst to inspire the extra several hours needed studying the muscle groups you were destroying all night. We hope to see you on the platform soon!

Our facility is open to current CUMC students, faculty, and staff. You must have a CUMC ID to join. This facility is not open to the public. Membership fees are nominal compared to other NYC fitness clubs, and all funds are directed toward purchasing new equipment and making improvements to the gym.

Equipment featured in the FWC includes:
Full set of dumbbells (5-140lbs)
Brand new squat racks with 12ft customized FWC platforms 
Multiple stationary bikes

Several designated bench presses

Extensive cable machine with supplemental attachments

24-hr access

TV and stereo system

Our membership rules are listed on our waiver of liability, which is required for all members to sign.

Please contact for more information.


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