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Food For Thought Club

Food for Thought aims to better integrate healthy and sustainable eating habits into the practice of medicine by educating young clinicians about diets that are healthy for both the individual and the world. The club is a place for people of all backgrounds and dietary needs to get information and share their knowledge with others in an effort to increase awareness of nutrition and its wider role in the health of our bodies and the environment. Educational events will encompass all types of diets and nutritional issues, and activities will introduce members to alternative menus by providing only vegetarian options.

The purpose of the Food for Thought Club is to bring the issue of diet and its role in the health of both the individual and the environment to the attention of future doctors and anyone else with an interest in the subject. We aim to provide opportunities for students to sample and learn to make foods from a variety of different backgrounds and special diets, as well as teach students how to eat healthy on the limited time and budget that medical students face. We would also like to have educational activities to learn about nutrition and its effect on overall health, with a particular emphasis on the vegetarian lifestyle, as well as how we can counsel patients with specific dietary needs such as vegan, celiac, etc.


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