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Who runs the P&S Club?

The P&S Club consists of the Director of Student Activities and P&S Club, P&S Club Cabinet (8 elected P&S Club Representatives), and the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB).  We provide support and advisement to all of the organizations and, in turn, assist students making them a success. In overseeing the clubs, all finances for recognized student clubs are maintained by the Director, including class funds, school-wide events, and special programs. The P&S Club oversees and approves all events planned by registered P&S student organizations on campus. While providing advising services to students/student organizations, the P&S Club encourages all students to participate in campus life activities. We work closely with other administrative departments to facilitate the implementation of new initiatives or communicate changes in services and/or policies that students need to be aware of. The office is located at 50 Haven Avenue, Bard Hall Room 106.

Director of Student Activities and P&S Club

The Director of Student Activities and P&S Club acts as the advisor to all registered P&S Club student clubs and organizations. The Director works with students to develop and carry-out a wide variety of campus activities. The Director is responsible for the oversight of the Office of Student Activities and Orientation. This includes advising, event planning, and financial management for the entire office and over 65 extracurricular student clubs and class council for 650+ medical students, as well as students from across other academic schools and programs at CUMC.

Director: TBA,

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) is a group of 30-40 P&S faculty who are invited to serve in a guiding role to the P&S Club. It is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and several general board members.  The group meets three times a year (January, April, and October) to review the events, activities, and finances of the P&S Club.  They also assist in connecting current students to P&S alumni who are interested in the events and activities of our students. At the October and January meetings, the board evaluates presentations of new club proposals in order to make the final decision on the proposed club’s status.

To be a member of the Advisory Board, faculty must be invited by the P&S Club director and P&S Club Cabinet. Faculty members are selected to serve on the board due to their interest and valued experience. They have been viewed as truly supportive of  the P&S Club and its endeavors. We encourage FAB members to attend all three annual meetings. The board members remain on the Advisory Board for a three year term, and can serve for multiple terms if they are interested and available.

Chair: Jay H. Lefkowitch, M.D. (2015-present)
Past Chair: Carmen Ortiz-Neu, M.D. (1990-2014)

List of the current Faculty Advisory Board members
Previous Meeting Agendas and Minutes

P&S Club Cabinet
The P&S Club Cabinet is comprised of two representatives for each medical class year (eight in total) who are elected by their associated medical class. They meet regularly with the P&S Club Director and are responsible for assisting in the planning, budgeting, and managing of all P&S Club activities, including New Student Orientation, P&S Club Fair, Leonides Winter Semi-Formal, and Super Night. They also oversee the preliminary evaluations for new club and specialty interest group proposals.

Nicole Curatola, P&S 2018
Jessica Buesing, P&S 2018

Co-Vice Presidents:
John Henry Ignatiev, P&S 2019,
Rebecca Lichtin, P&S 2019,

Ryan Blake, P&S 2020, 
Jonathan Xu, P&S 2020,

First Year Representatives:
James Choi, P&S 2021,
Ashley London, P&S 2021,

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