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Does anyone know how many non-medical courses free of charge we can take? Is it one per semester or one per year? Also, how feasible is it?
Please visit the Student Knowledge Base to answer your question:

Where can I find information about Dual Degree Programs?

Information about dual degree programs (MD/DDS, MD/MBA, MD/MPH, MD/PhD) is on the P&S website  Except when applying before matriculation to P&S, dual degree students must apply to each school separately.  We will have a meeting regarding the MD/MBA, MD/MPH, and Master degrees in Medical Science, Narrative Medicine, Biomedical Informatics and Bioethics in the late fall.

Please note that the MBA portion of the MD/MBA dual degree program begins in January of third or fourth year of P&S.  The MPH program at Mailman and the Master degree programs in Medical Science, Narrative Medicine, Biomedical Informatics and Bioethics begin in September. 

If you have any questions, please contact the course director or email the P&S Dean of Students.

For questions regarding the:
MPH Program, contact Dr. Marina Catallozzi,
MBA Program, contact Scott Van Pelt,
Masters of Medical Science, contact Dr. Elizabeth Shane,
Masters of Science in Narrative Medicine, contact Dr. Rita Charon,
Masters of Science in Biomedical Informatics, contact Dr. Herbert Chase,
Masters of Science in Bioethics, contact Dr. Robert Klitzman,


Where can I get scrubs?
Scrubs are sold all over the place here, and you'll need them rather quickly: Work-n-Gear (good size selection), the CUMC Bookstore, Amazon, etc. The scrubs can be any color, except blue (that's what the hospital uses) and green is a fairly typical selection. Don't spend a lot of money, because you're going to want to get rid of them after you complete anatomy. Please make sure you have a pair ready for the Gross Anatomy lecture and lab during New Student Orientation. You don't need to wear them to lecture, as there will be a place and opportunity to change before the lab begins.

When will I be able to see my courses on CourseWorks?
You won't be able to see them until the beginning of August, when you are officially mass registered by the Registrars' Office. By orientation, you should be able to see it under "future semesters," until the actual semester begins. Before this, you will be able to find your academic calendar and exam schedule under the "To Do List" references.

There's more information listed on the P&S Education pages: P&S Academic & Career Planning, Research & Global Health Opportunities, as well as Honor Code & Policies.

How do I rent a locker on campus?

You can visit this link, review the information listed, and then submit the online locker request form. The lockers are issued to currently registered students on a first come, first serve basis. These are not gym lockers or anatomy lockers, but for academic purposes only.



Is there a health care plan for P&S students?
Yes, and its mandatory if you don't have insurance from another source that allows out of network care. Visit this page from Student Health Services for an insurance overview.

I tried to log-in to waive the insurance fees, but it says I'm not a registered student?

The period for waiving health insurance begins in early August, once the Registrar finishes mass registering you for your courses. Visit this page for more information on Insurance Waivers.

For more information on Health & Wellness Resources.


How can I find about more details about Housing and Bard Hall?
Pretty much all that you need to know can be found on the Housing Office's website "Moving Into Your Dorm." Please refer to this site before contacting the Housing Office.


How do I request an earlier move-in date?
Contact the CUMC Office of Housing Services to request an early move-in date. They're usually fine with students moving in on either the Friday or Saturday immediately before Orientation (which begins on Sunday), but you MUST tell them. You may call them at 212-305-4357 option #2, visit their office (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) or email at

Where can I find the dimensions of a Bard Hall room?
What furniture is guaranteed to be in my Bard residence hall room?
Visit the CUMC Office of Housing Services for all information pertaining to Bard Hall, On Campus Apartments, Off-Campus Apartments, & Bard Athletic Center. 

How do I mount my bike in Bard?
There are racks that either rest against the floor and wall, or secure between the floor and ceiling – you can find these online. Some students have just rested their bike against the wall and others store it in their closet.

I’m bringing my car, where is the best place to park?
There are two fairly inexpensive garages on 177th and Broadway. Some students park on Morningside and it's free, you just have to move your vehicle 2x a week (due to alternate side parking). The best mode of transportation is subway (and other rail lines) unless you are going away most weekends to places that are difficult to take public transportation.

Where can I find information about the meal plan? Do most people sign up for the meal plan?
Updated information pertaining to the Bard Hall Meal Plan will be available at the Welcome Expo on Tuesday during Orientation week. Most people use the meal plans, especially during first year because it is convenient and a good way to keep in touch with and get to know your class. See the To Do page for a link to the application and some additional information.

For those of us interested in cooking, what's the best way to get groceries? What's the kitchen situation like in Bard?

There is a shuttle several times a week to Fairway at 125th that is helpful. The online delivery through Fresh Direct is another way to get groceries delivered ($60 for 6 months of unlimited delivery). There is a kitchen on the 11th floor with a microwave. Most people who cook do so once or twice a week. There are food lockers up there that are first come first serve, and you may put a lock on one if you want it.

Where can I find out more information about the Intercampus Shuttle?

You can visit this link on the transportation website, which includes route maps, schedule, and also a very handy app that you can use to track the shuttles. Many of the students take advantage of the shuttle during Major Clinical Year as well as during finals time for studying at the Morningside Library.

How do I request to have my air conditioner installed in my room in Bard Hall?

You should visit the Housing Office's "Moving Into Your Dorm" website for more information.

How do I find out details about off-campus housing?

You can find out information by visiting this website.



When can I get my UNI and how?
Your UNIs will be created and available in early June. You will know they are created when you receive your orientation email from Dr. Lisa Mellman, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs. You can then visit the Manage My UNI page to find out what it is. If you were previously affiliated with Columbia, your UNI will be the same and it will be re-activated by the Registrar. If you have any issues with your UNI after you receive the orientation email, please contact

Why does the email policy forbid us from forwarding our Columbia emails to an external site like Gmail or Yahoo? What do students usually do when they have multiple email accounts and would like the mail to be forwarded to one place?
The reason they don't allow it is because non-Columbia emails are not encrypted the way they need to be according to HIPAA. As medical students will eventually send patient information via email. P&S will set you up with an Exchange account, send you instructions, and have additional storage capacity.

As P&S students, are there any kinds of deals on computer hardware or software that are available to us (free or reduced price)?
Yes, check out CUMC Information Technology for this type of information and any questions about IT, Software Downloads and Computer Discounts.



What is the closest bank or bank ATM to Bard Hall?
Chase is the closest bank that has a branch (Tower 1 and the Hospital), but Citi Bank and Bank of America (Starbucks) have a few ATMs around.  Santander has an ATM in the lobby of Tower 1. The closest HSBC is 30 blocks away at 139th and Wells Fargo (Wachovia) is mainly in Midtown.

I need a new cell phone plan, what works best in Washington Heights?
All of the major providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile) work very well at CUMC. Some of these providers will attend the Welcome Fair during Orientation, so you can ask more questions then. Students have commented in the past that AT&T tends to run slower in the West Village, Hell's Kitchen, etc. and that Verizon has great reception in the hospital.

What hotels are close to the University?
The University has negotiated deals with several local hotels. Visit the Travel Portal for more information.

Are there New York City landmarks close by?

Visit the Arts Initiative, Columbia University to find out more about all the arts, museums, and more NYC has to offer.


I have not received any e-mails regarding Orientation and the White Coat Ceremony (or anything else actually) and I'm a little worried...
You will receive a letter by e-mail from Dr. Lisa Mellman, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, in early June to the email address you used during the admissions process. New Student Orientation Registration will begin around this time and the deadline is in mid July. In the meantime, check out our main Orientation website for any updates. Please contact if you still have more questions.

I go by my middle name, can I use that on my white coat name tag?

This is a VERY COMMON question for P&S students. For legal/safety/liability reasons, you need to use your legal name. First Name (Middle Initial optional) Last Name.

How can I register for Orientation?

Visit the New Student Orientation website and the registration link is on the left panel.

I attended/worked at Columbia previously and the ID card system won't let me submit a new photo since I have one on file- what should I do?
You have two options: If you want a new photo, you must visit the ID Card Office and take a new one before orientation begins. Unfortunately they cannot reset the photo and allow you to submit a new one online. If your photo is fairly new, you can just leave it. Also if you have an old ID from being an employee, you will need to turn it in to the ID Card Office to receive a new student ID.

How many guests can I bring to the White Coat Ceremony? Is there a limit?

There will be a limit announced by June and each guest must have a ticket in order to attend. We want to make sure our guests can be seated and enjoy the ceremony. 

I attended/worked at Columbia University before, so do I have the same UNI?

Yes, you will be using the same UNI you were previously assigned. It will be reactivated by the Registrar to show that you are a registered medical student.

How do I get tickets for the White Coat Ceremony?

Once orientation registration opens in June, each incoming student will be able to register online for their limited number of guest passes. Guests should not register themselves, otherwise their ticket will be deleted and will not be accepted at the door. Guests will either receive their guest pass from their registered incoming student as a hard copy print out or via email which can then be printed out on their own. 


What is the P&S Club?
You can read about the P&S Club on our website: To make it simple, we are the Office of Student Activities for Columbia University’s Medical School.

Where is the P&S Club located?

The P&S Club Office is located at 50 Haven Avenue on the ground floor of Bard Hall, in room 106. We are directly across from the Bard Hall Lounge and down the hall from both the Office of Housing Services (room 105) and the Center for Student Wellness (room 107).

What clubs can I join in the P&S Club?

We have 65 student clubs and organizations, of which many are open to all of CUMC. Some of the topics are more medical specific, but many of the groups are not. Please see our list of clubs:, and note a link to our list of club leaders at the top, if you’d like to contact someone to find out more information about joining. Also make sure to attend out annual Club Fair at the end of August to meet the club leaders and find out more information.

How do I start a new club or organization?
At this time we are not accepting new club proposal applications due to capacity issues. We recommend working within our existing 65 clubs and organizations with new ideas that you might have, and you can feel free to ask additional questions to the P&S Club about your idea. Keep in mind your idea may fit within an already existing club’s mission or maybe you just want to hold one event and not start a whole organization. Review the club leader training manual for more information on running a student organization and visit the P&S Club Office to discuss further. 

How do I get into museums and art events for free/discounted?
You need a current semester registration sticker- it's a small sticker with the semester/year (ex: FALL 2017). You would pick a new one up on a semester basis from the CUMC ID Card Office located in the P&S Building Lobby at 630 West 168th Street. 

What is the Free Weight Club and how do I sign up?

Visit the Free Weight Club Website

How do I get access to the Music Rooms in Bard Hall and how much is it?

Sign up for Music Room Membership

How can I find out about P&S Club events throughout the year?

There are two options:
1. You can join our P&S Club Weekly Update Email List (P&S students are automatically part of this list), which goes out every Monday during the academic year. This email will provide you with some details regarding upcoming events, links to purchase tickets, and also save the dates for events later in the semester/year.
2. Google Calendar- You can subscribe or just visit the calendar on our website.

I'd like to donate money to the P&S Club, how can I do that?

You can visit "Giving to Columbia" select "Physicians and Surgeons, College of," then select "Physicians and Surgeons Club" and make your tax deductible donation online or you can send a check made out to "Columbia University" to Columbia University P&S Club Office- 50 Haven Avenue, Bard Hall 106, New York, NY 10032. If you would like to direct those funds to a specific club or organization, please note it online under "In Honor/In Memory Of" or note it on the check memo space. We welcome any donations you would like to provide to continue to support all of our activities.

How can I contact the P&S Club?

There are several ways to contact our office:
1. Visit us at 50 Haven Avenue, Bard Hall Room 106. We're open from 10am-5pm Monday-Friday, with designated walk in hours.
2. Call us at 212-304-7025.
3. If you need assistance outside of our regular hours, please email with any questions.
4. Contact a club leader directly by looking at our list of club leaders, which is updated each semester and listed at the very top of the page, as well as on our main website. This list will assist you in finding the right person for club specific information.
5. The P&S Club Representatives are another source of information, their information is listed here.

Which major events does the P&S Club oversee/coordinate?
In addition to advising all of our clubs on their own event planning, we do coordinate some major programs as well. Visit our Annual Events page to find out more on Orientation, Club Fair, Leonides Winter Semi-Formal, and Super Night.

How can I contact the leaders of a specific club or organization?

A list of all current club leaders is listed on our website in three places: our main page, clubs and organizations, and club leader resources.

I'm a club leader and need to reserve a room for an event- what do I do?
If you are a club leader, room reservation instructions were discussed at club leader training in January. For registered club leaders to reseve a room for student club events, please visit the Club Leader Resources page and you'll see links under "Helpful Links/Information" in regards to making those requests. This is the method for all rooms at CUMC, except Bard Hall. For Bard Hall reservations, you must reserve that through the Office of Housing Services. 

How do I get reimbursed or pay for club expenses?

The Club Leader Resources page includes all information, forms, etc. for using your club's budget. Also this is covered during club leader training in January, which is mandatory for club leaders to attend.

How do I buy discounted Broadway tickets or find out about arts events around NYC?

You should sign up for the Arts Initiative Newsletter to get weekly emails about activities, as well as visit the Ticket Information Center site for information on what tickets are available, upcoming events, etc. 

How do I find local volunteer opportunities in NYC?
Two suggested websites to check out are NYC Service and Volunteer Match. Many of the P&S Club's student organizations involve volunteering, community service, or service learning, so please see our website for more suggestions.

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