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About P&S Club

The P&S Club is the most comprehensive student activities organization in American medical education. Founded by Nobel Peace Laureate John R. Mott in 1894, the Club currently sponsors over 70 co-curricular and extracurricular organizations. These organizations represent P&S medical students' vast interests and talents, including athletics, the performing arts, student advocacy, and community service at the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. The Club's fluid nature allows new activities to arise as medical students' interests evolve. By providing medical students with outlets for their various talents, the P&S Club adds substantial depth to a program otherwise devoted to scientific and clinical disciplines.

The P&S Club is an active and comprehensive medical student activities organization, which provides students with opportunities to build a community outside of the classroom, and shape their academic, social, and professional experiences while at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and beyond.

The P&S Club was founded on December 15, 1894 by Nobel Peace Laureate, John Mott, as the YMCA of P&S. In 1910, our name changed to P&S Club (Physicians & Surgeons Club.) Our office was initially located at West 59th St. at the Medical School Building. In 1928, we moved to 50 Haven Avenue in Washington Heights at Bard Hall, upon its opening in 1931. We have been located within Bard Hall ever since.

P&S Club started off with just a handful of committees, expanded to 25 clubs after World War II, and doubled to 50 by the 1990s. Today there are over 70 clubs and organizations spanning community service, advocacy, cultural, academic, social, recreational, performing arts, service learning, and specialty interest groups.
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Why join the P&S Club?
Many students become involved in clubs or organizations while at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. With over 70 clubs to choose from, there is no shortage of ways to become involved or events in which to participate. The P&S Club allows students to engage with each other, the Columbia community, as well as the larger society. Studies show that involvement in on campus activities:

  • Build community outside of the classroom- on campus, in the community, and as a professional
  • Create lifelong friendships
  • Increase interaction with faculty and staff
  • Enhance personal leadership, teamwork, and time management skills
  • Clarify personal and career goals
  • Develop transitional work experience
  • Play an integral role in shaping both the academic and social aspects of student life


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